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filmmaker / video artist


“Much like Alice of Wonderland fame, who had seen a cat without a smile but never a smile without a cat, I have imagined bodies without senses, but never senses without a body. Juan Carlos Zaldivar’s installation Shifting Nature, however, asked me to do exactly that.”

-Rachel Luria, PhD Media Philosophy, Florida Atlantic University, Shifting Nature Catalogue

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"You might say Juan Carlos Zaldivar is a master of reality. When you enter one of his exhibits ... the outside world suddenly seems very far away.” -Carlos Suarez de Jesús, The Miami New Times

“Delicate work ... that of an alchemist, transforming the ordinary. “ -Susan Hopper, Deluxe Arts

"In filmmaker and video artist Juan Carlos Zaldivar’s Shifting Nature: Hesperus is Phosphorus, the meaning of the art work shifts as you interact with it." -Mia Leonin, Miami Herald